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Control Bowl: One Easy Way To Eat Less

October 29, 2009

bowlActually, it’s called the Measure Up Bowl (shown on the right) and it’s designed to help down-size portions.  This is a brilliant idea, because it’s way too easy to overlook the fact that the portion sizes on nutrition labels are often much smaller than we might like.

Example: an ice cream label shows 180 calories per serving, but that’s for a mere  one-half cup portion. How many of us actually pay attention to those portion sizes or measure to make sure we’re only getting that amount? Plus, there’s the fact that half a cup looks pretty lonely in a big bowl and it’s realllllly tempting to add a spoonful or two more because … well, just because it’s only a spoonful and you’ll do some extra walking tomorrow or skip a doughnut at work and so on, even though we all know those thoughts have the lifespan of a fruit fly.

The Measure Up Bowl is well marked to prevent those indulgences and help you stay on track with portion sizes. My only complaint is the price tag.  For $13.99 (and up), you could buy a couple sets of measuring cups and keep them near the dinnerware.  But, if you like the convenience of having a pre-marked bowl, go for it! Whatever works, as they say …


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