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Pretend Like You’re Walking Around Naked

October 19, 2009

woman back

That’s the best way to maintain good posture, according to a fitness expert I interviewed recently.  The idea is to make you more aware of your spine and whether you’re keeping it nice and straight, instead of slouching or hunching over.

If you aren’t wearing clothes, you’re more likely to stand up tall. Just doing that lifts your rib-cage — voila! Instant tummy trim!! Plus, good posture helps you breath deeper, and gives internal organs more room to function, instead of being all squished together.

But wait … there’s more! Good posture can also increase your confidence level, according to a new study reported at the blog Neuromarketing. (Be sure to read the comments, too — some excellent information!)

Best of all, you can practice good posture anytime, anywhere and reap considerable rewards — just so long as you remember that “naked” part is just pretend.

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