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The Weekend Cook: Best. Muffins. Ever!

October 18, 2009

Every weekend, I make muffins.  They’re easy to  make and it’s fun to experiment with different flavors. The best one to date are these orange muffins. So far, they’ve clobbered everything else in the ongoing muffin-thon, including banana, pumpkin and apple.

Along with taste, this recipe has another bonus: it uses grated orange peel (aka, zest). Normally,  this is the part of the orange we throw away, which is too bad, because the peel and the white fiber just beneath it are excellent sources of nutrient-rich flavonoids. So they’ve got that going for them, too.


Plus, the great thing about making your own muffins is that you can downsize them. Instead of the ginormous, 500-calorie versions sold in coffee shops and bakeries, I make little, kid-sized ones.  If you just eat one, you get the same great flavor as a monster muffin, but with way less calories, fat, etc. What’s not to like?

(In a few days, I’m interviewing a nutritionist who specializes in weight loss counseling. She’s going to explain how to add whey protein powder to recipes like this without turning the muffins, cookies, etc., into the culinary equivalent of hockey pucks! Stay tuned …)


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