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Want To Lose Weight and Feel Better? Go Fish!

October 17, 2009

fish illustrationAre you one of the millions of Americans who are missing out on the benefits of fish oil?  I hope not, because there’s a long list of healthy benefits associated with fish oil, including cardiovascular changes to fight heart attacks, stroke and poor ciculation, memory and brain support,  improved symptoms of depression, reduced joint pain, less skin dryness and more.  But according to a recent study, too many people say they are confused about fish oil and other “good fats.”

If  you’re one of them, here’s some help. First, Forbes magazine featured fish oils in a recent cover story entitled “One Supplement That Works.”  While I don’t agree with the author’s negative take on other nutrients, the fish oil information is excellent and should help convince doubters that it’s not a waste of money to invest in good fat supplements.

Maybe you eat a good diet already, including a couple of portions of fish every week. In that case, you may be wondering if supplements are overkill. Well, wonder no more. There’s a simple blood test to check your levels of good fats, available from your doctor or in a home version, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Finally, if you’re worried about your weight — and who isn’t these days? — check out this fascinating piece about weight gain and our bodies’ hibernation instinct. Could it be that one key to weight management is getting more good fats and fewer of the unhealthy variety?  Other studies have found a link between weight and omega-3 levels, too.

Makes sense to me, and I actually wrote a book about good and bad fats. Plus, my “bad” knee, which refused to respond to glucosamine, chondroitin and a few other nutrients recommended for  joint pain, improved within days of adding fish oil supplements to my regimen. It may not work for everyone, but fish oil is definitely worth trying, if you ask me.

Fatty, deep water fish, like salmon, herring and sardines  are good sources of omega-3s.   If you don’t like to eat fish or if you’re worried about water pollution and heavy metal contamination, look for fish oil supplements that have been molecularly distilled to remove mercury and other toxins.

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