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Talking ’bout My Methylation

October 9, 2009

Dr. Mark Hyman — best known for his “Ultra…” series of health books (“UltraMetabolism,” “The Ultra Simple Diet,” and others) — blogs about staying healthy by maximizing methylation. If you’re thinking, “Methyl-what?” you’re not alone. I’ve been writing about health and medicine for years and I stumbled over that one, too. Fortunately, Dr. Hyman helps us clueless individuals get a better idea of what he’s talking about:

Methylation is a key biochemical process that is essential for the proper function of almost all of your body’s systems. It occurs billions of times every second; it helps repair your DNA on a daily basis; it controls homocysteine (an unhealthy compound that can damage blood vessels); it helps recycle molecules needed for detoxification; and it helps maintain mood and keep inflammation in check.

Still confused? Don’t worry — you don’t really have to understand methylation as a process. All you need to know is 1) it can help keep you healthy and 2) you may need to provide support to keep your own “methylating machine” in top working  condition.  Toward the end of the piece, Dr. Hyman provides twelve suggestions on how to do that. They’re not difficult, they’ll benefit your overall health as well as methylation, and you can start today. Could it be any easier? I don’t think so!

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